5 Questions You Won’t Be Able To Answer

Thought Catalog

Is it possible to know anything is Absolutely True?

In “hard fields” like science, we assume that we are dealing with hard truths because they are tested and learned through the scientific method.

We can verify that something is true by using the scientific method, but we cannot apply that same question to the scientific method itself. If we could verify the truth of the scientific method with something else, we would have to yet another set presuppositions to question. Our argument would regress infinitely, rely on circular reasoning, or rest on unproved assumptions. This is called the Münchhausen trilemma.

Do we all see the same colors?

We know the color of the sky is blue. But what if what you perceive as “blue” is actually what your best friend sees as “red.” All we can communicate to each to other is that there is a “blue” and…

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