18 Things I’m Grateful For Today

Thought Catalog

Sometimes I find myself taking things for granted, or comparing myself to those who seem to have it all. Sometimes I need to remind myself that I also have it all, and I am infinitely lucky that this is the life that was given to me.

1. Being alive.

116,549 people have died today.

2. Having access to clean water.

775,455,231 people have no access to clean water.

3. The food in my fridge.

22,893 people have died of hunger today.

4. Being literate.

Approximately 1 billion people are illiterate.

5. Having a home.

An estimated 100 million people are homeless.

6. My safety.

5,000 people die in Syria each month.

7. Having electricity and running water.

Over 1.4 billion people still have no electricity.

8. The clothing in my closet.

1.5 billion people live in extreme poverty.

9. Being mentally and physically healthy.

4,516,760 deaths caused by cancer this…

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