One Simple Habit That’ll Make You Great At Conversations

Thought Catalog


Today, we’re going to completely strike from the face of the earth a pain in the ass experience we’ve ALL had….

I’m good in the first few minutes of conversation, but how do I keep a conversation going and keep the other person really interested? How do I stop it from stalling? How do I deal with silences?

Have you been there? Me too. You’re having a conversation with someone and it’s going great. Maybe it’s the CEO of the company you want a job at. Maybe it’s the beautiful girl you’re talking to at the bar. Suddenly conversation starts to stall and you’re thinking, “What do I say next??”

Today I’m going to teach you to cut those awkward pauses out at the root. No longer will you search for interesting things to say every 30 seconds! You’re going to have conversations that flow naturally and easily, regardless…

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