My First Post! OR Why I decided to spend a further 2.5 hours a week on my computer

Shailene Woodley for Natural Health MagazineHI THERE! FIRSTLY THANK YOU FOR BOTHERING TO READ THIS! I started this blog with the hopes of proving that contrary to common belief TEENAGERS ARE SMART AND CARING AND FUNNY AND INHERENTLY WHOLE HUMAN BEINGS!

But also to show you that civilization, while a great feat is not the best way to live. That the ideals and beliefs of a common civilian are one of the main reasons for the decline of the human race. I read an article recently by Daniel Vitalis called the Intrinsic Taboo( that I found because the amazing superhuman and my ultimate girl crush Shailene Woodley did an interview for Natural HeaIth that suggested that you read the from the website (formerly which indirectly led me to it. It points out that although us human beings were created to be part of the natural environment and all things pure we surround ourselves with things and habitats entirely unnatural and impure. And that while we provide apes and animals as such in zoos with natural environments and release them into the wild we – even though we were intended to be creatures of the earth – surround ourselves with environments that were chemically generated.
The name Intrinsic Taboo means that there is a taboo against human wildness.

intrinsic |inˈtrinzik, -sik|


1. belonging to a thing by its very nature

taboo |təˈbo͞o, ta-|

n. (pl. taboos)

1. proscribed by society as improper of unacceptable

1. belonging to a thing by its very nature

This made we question society’s goals, beliefs and expectations and made me wonder: Is there a more beneficial way to be living?

Please note that however spiritual this all may sound I am not going to be abandoning everything I own to go and live in the rocky mountains of Canada (can you live there?) or somewhere in an attempt to rid myself of society’s pressures… Yet. I believe that if more issues carried a heavier weight and others less and the right balance is struck the world could become a much more enjoyable place free of artificial pleasures.

Please keep in mind that I am merely a musing schoolgirl.



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